When Do Your Breasts Get Bigger?

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There are two stages in your life when mother nature decides to reward you with bigger breasts; during puberty and pregnancy.

Breast development during puberty occurs in two phases:

1. The Estrogen Phase
2. The Progesterone Phase

The first phase of breast development, which I call the Estrogen Phase, occurs for one to two years before menstruation begins. Estrogen - along with prolactin and growth hormone - stimulates all the major parts of your breasts to grow, including the glands, ducts, connective tissue, and fatty tissue. Your body does not yet produce progesterone; progesterone competes with estrogen and would inhibit this stage of breast development.

The final phase of breast development, which I call the Progesterone Phase, starts after you get your first period. After you ovulate for the first time, your body begins producing progesterone during the Luteal Phases (approximately Days 15- 28) of your menstrual cycles. Progesterone now works alongside estrogen, prolactin, and growth hormone to complete the development of your breasts. Progesterone promotes the final stages of gland formation, including the growth of the alveoli - those hollow sacks that make and hold milk. The entire process of breast development takes three to four years and is usually complete by age sixteen. By the way, boys grow boobs, too! About two-thirds of all boys experience temporary breast growth, lasting from several months to two years, during puberty. This is known as gynecomastia and occurs before a boy produces enough testosterone to block the effects of estrogen in his system.

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Your breasts are not considered fully developed until you’ve given birth and produced milk. Breast changes during pregnancy are primarily triggered by progesterone. Progesterone causes the breasts and areolas to enlarge rapidly. As the glands and ducts increase in size, your breasts give up some of their fat stores to make room for the new “milk machinery.” Although prolactin levels rise after the eighth week of pregnancy, progesterone suppresses milk production until after you’ve given birth. Then, prolactin levels peak while estrogen, progesterone, and growth hormone levels fall, triggering lactation, or milk production, to begin. After you’re done nursing, the glands and ducts shrink back down to their original size; however, your breasts may end up even smaller than they were to begin with! That is because the fat that was replaced by glands and ducts during pregnancy doesn’t always come back. Also, because the connective tissue was stretched to accommodate your growing breasts, you’ve got another problem on your hands: sagging. Fortunately, a breast lift isn’t your only option. Many mothers have had great success in bringing their former breasts back to life. The Flat to Fab Breast Enlargement Program can restore firmness and fullness to your breasts, while increasing your cup size. If only post-pregnancy weight loss was this easy!

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